The Age of Quality

Or is it?

In a time where the prices are rising, DLC is proliferating the market at a staggering rate and the quality of games is seemingly going down.

Now, this isn’t to say that there aren’t great games coming out. I would be wrong in saying that. With new IPs like Horizon: Zero Dawn coming out and selling millions of copies and of course perennial favourites like Zelda, one would say my argument falls flat on its face. But, let’s look at things in a little more general light.

There are tons of games coming out from the big studios: EA, Ubisoft, etc that are coming out to infamy, rather than renown.

For example: Mass Effect: Andromeda. Granted, ME3 did leave a bad taste in a lot of people’s mouths due to the poorly thought out ending. But it was a series that, for the most part, was beyond reproach. It’s one of those series, like Uncharted, that no one would dare question the quality and notoriety of. But here comes the latest installment and man, I haven’t seen anyone turn on a series so quickly or thoroughly in all of my life. It would be like if all of a sudden someone tried to tell you that Mario sucks. It seemed as likely as that.

Halo 5 is another one of those AAA entries that just bombed. It’s rare to see an big titles that go on sale as fast as it did (save for the big Ubisoft titles…but I’ll get to that). They were practically giving away the Halo 5 limited edition after a while.

Then there’s Ubisoft…Oh how the mighty have fallen! I remember when AC2 was rocketing in sales and everyone was looking at Ubi like it was the company of the future. And now? Now we get games like Unity, Wildlands, For Honor which get big sales numbers because people want to believe that the series has the potential for greatness. But they just flop. And then when they come out with new IPs, people want to buy into the possibility of how great it’s going to be. Then games like For Honor have their fan base setting a day of protest so that the company will listen to them. I mean, really Ubisoft? Is this what you’ve become? Is it only a matter of time before we end up with landfills like this:


Only, piled high with Assassin’s Creed and Tom Clancy games.

With that said – Is this the age of the decline?

I worry that the great games coming out now are just the diamonds in the rough. The few and far between. I can say for myself that I was very excited for all of the Tom Clancy games coming out this year. Each one of them ended up more disappointing than the last. And then I had high hopes for the new ME, and I can say I’m glad I cancelled my pre-order.

Of course I still have high hopes for the industry as a whole. I know it doesn’t seem like it. I just worry that if the big companies let the quality slide, and they continue to buy up all of the small studios, it creates a dark cloud over the industry for me. One would assume that things should only be getting better with improvements in technology and people more willing to take chances on creating different styles of games, and the consumer willing to go along with them on an adventure.

But then why do we have so many bad games? Is it because the large studios are so set in their ways that they just produce garbage and assume people will buy it? There is definitely a symptom of complicity among the fans. Obviously, to some extent, to problem is that this has simply become a business. I don’t know that there’s one answer. I guess only time will tell whether or not things will get better, or crash.

– The Ego



The Candy Man can

My, oh my.


What can I say about the PSX 2016? Well, a lot actually:

Let’s start with Marvel Vs Capcom: Infinite. Another game surrounding the Infinity Gems just sounds amazing. I know it’s going to focus pretty heavily on the MCU properties, which means a lot of movie heroes (and probably their likenesses). But that seems to be upsetting a lot of people. Here’s the thing: I’m reading a lot of what people are saying about the game and there is so much concern over the inclusion of the X-Men. Now, I get it. Wolverine (especially) is a staple in the series. Seeing him going head to head with Ryu is gratifying in every way possible. But seeing comments like “Marvel’s B-List” fighters just upsets me. There are tons of great characters in the MCU and comic universe that aren’t mutants. And, frankly, what people should be concerned about is how Capcom abused that property (and frankly most of their IPs). I want this game, but I’ll wait for the Fantastic Super Ultra Mega Deluxe Complete DLC Collector’s Edition MvC4…

The Last of Us Part 2: Oh man…The song in the trailer was so good I want to make it my ringtone (Edit: Done). Now, Last of Us was a great game. I didn’t fall in love with it the way that everyone else seemed to (especially IGN who for some reason gave it a 10/10). Granted, part of the reason I didn’t fall in love may have been how frustrating I found the hardest mode. But the story was incredible. And this one looks like it’s going to be even better. If there is one thing that Naughty Dog does well, it’s a story. I’m curious to see where they’re going to take Joel and Ellie next. I think the part I found the most gratifying was watching the reveal at the expo, and hearing everyone else freak out at the parts that gave me goosebumps.

Horizon: Zero Dawn: This game just needs to come out already. Seriously. Stop teasing me. I remember when I was working retail and seeing the original trailer for this game posted side by side with ReCore. And I was excited for both games. Well, I’ve played ReCore. So give me Horizon! Everything about this game looks stunning and innovative. It seemingly offers the same ambitious prospects games like Assassin’s Creed 3 did, but this one looks like it will actually pay off. I cannot wait to take down a mech T-Rex with a spear while riding a mech caribou.

Honourable mention goes to Bulletstorm re-master. I absolutely loved this game. The story was amusing, the characters and writing in general were funny. But what made this game great is the trick shots. The one thing I didn’t get a chance to do was try the multiplayer. By the time I had gotten around to it on the PS3, nobody was playing this game any more. So, being able to play it in 1080p, and get a chance to pull off some of those tricks with friends – count me in once again.

Finally, some thoughts on the the rest of what I saw:

Power Rangers Mega: Putty sounds are great, but half of the game is apparently avoiding minivans.

Wipeout: Right…Wipeout. Totally looking forward to that…

Ni No Kuni 2: I have brought dishonour on my family by never having played the original despite it being on my shelf…

Resident Evil 7: Gods help me, but I might actually buy this game.

Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 PS4: Yet another way for Cashcom to rake it in from that one game. Enough is enough already. Stop. Milking. It.

Knack 2: The sequel no one asked for.

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As always – your Playstation loving blogger.

– The Ego