Will I/Won’t I

Good morning.

So after all of my excitement and anticipation for this day (which lead me to getting so excited I misjudged the time on the event yesterday by 12 hours, woke up an hour earlier than I needed to today for the pre-order [I keep forgetting I don’t live in EST any more…]) and then getting up again to pre-order at (actual) 9AM EST – I’m passing.

Here’s why:

Canadian retailers are listing the Switch at 400$! And Bestbuy also made it easy for me by not listing the colourful choice as well. I have always been an early adopter of Nintendo hardware. And I have been burnt many times (missing out on the XL for the 3DS, Zelda edition of the Wii U, price drops, etc). However, I still had every intention going into today with the benefit of the doubt I always give Nintendo – unearned or not. But not this time. For a console with a realtively weak launch (Zelda and Skyrim being the only games that they’ve announced with any interest to me until holiday 2017 where we see the other big first party title) – 400$ is too much. I knew the console was launching at 300$ USD, and with the exchange I should have expexted as much as 400$, but I had foolishly hoped retailers wouldn’t be gouging us. I hoped wrong.

So I hope that this console is successful, and I look forward to seeing what Nintendo is able to pull out for this console – but I’ll be waiting for the special edition/XL/price drop this time around.

– The Ego

P.S – The biggest “screw the customer” award goes to Amazon.ca (I’m assuming both honestly, but I only checked .ca) for listing Switch pre-orders as a part of Prime (their pay service). Here’s what I say to that.


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