So rewarding

So there are a number of things worth talking about hailing from this years Game of the Year awards. I’ve picked a few things I feel are worth going into a bit more deeply.

First – Overwatch wins GOTY. I honestly have to say I’m surprised. And, not because I don’t think it’s excellent. I think the game is amazing through and through. A Blizzard title to its core. The game has brilliant art, great voice acting and the gameplay is phenomenal. I am surprised that a simple online only FPS would win GOTY though. I mean, there are obviously hundreds of thousands of people who solely play games like Call of Duty and Battlefield for the online multiplayer exclusively. So, the genre of the online only FPS is a big one. But normally you would expect the massive RPGs, the Uncharteds, Final Fantasy and what have you to take the top spot. Of course, in specific genres like action/adventure you see games like Dishonored 2 taking the title. But Overwatch, for what it is, is a really good game. All of the characters are unique and offer their own play styles, learning curves and challenges. And I have to say, Blizzard has been pretty spot on with their fine tuning in the game. The only place that still requires a bit of tweaking is the competitive mode (though as I say this it is starting to look like they took the issues of last season and may have fixed them).

The other thing that suprised me the most about Overwatch how mad people are that it won. I’ve seen a lot of comments about the web to the effect of “this should have been free to play” and the like. I mean, I partly see where they’re coming from. It’s just online multiplayer – but come on guys – this is a well put together game and we’re not getting gouged for maps, characters, skins, etc. But don’t get me started on the lootboxes…

Zelda. Yes. I seriously cannot wait for the Switch to come out already. I know March is only 4 months away, and Zelda is due out who knows when, but after watching the latest game play trailer – I need this game in my life. I will stop all else to play Breath of the Wild. I mean, it’s Zelda/Skyrim. How can you not love it. One thing I will say – I know it’s not done, but they need to stop demoing it for people on the Wii U. Because the game did look pretty fucking janky. And that’s just bad (see: basic Nintendo) business. Jankiness aside, the game seemingly has it all. Action. RPG elements. Oh, and it’s fucking Zelda…

Finally, Death Stranding: I still have no idea what to make of this game. Last time we saw this, it was just a gorgeous trailer with Norman Reedus. Now, we get yet another radiant trailer, this time with one of my new favourite actors Mads Mikkelsen. This game is like my first boner. I have no idea what to do with it, but I know something good will come of it. I’m not even sure I care what it is. I feel like I should just sent Kojima a cheque directly and get it over with. When Mads smiles at the end of the trailer – I got goosebumps. The hairs stood up on the back of my neck. There is just something about that man. I know I sound like a school boy with a crush. But look at this:


It just gives me the willies (in the best possible way).

So what did you think. Was your dog in the race? Or did you think another game should have taken the crown from Overwatch. Are you going to grab Zelda for Wii U, or are you going to early adopt the Switch? Let me know in the comments or follow me on Twitter and Facebook and reach out to me there. Until Friday.

– The Ego


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