Classic vs Classic

So the NES Classic edition is coming out in just seven short days. What are people thinking? I just inherited (no, they didn’t die, they just gave them to me) two-too many original NES’ from my grandparents. I was fortunate enough to already have one, and a few awesome games. Some of them were my grandmother’s – and are straight out of my childhood. I also snagged my old N64 and their SNES. Which is definitely one of my prized possessions. If only I could find a reasonably priced copy of Zelda: A Link to the Past and Mario RPG – I’d be all set.

So, personally, I’m torn. Do I or don’t I?

The thought of having an NES that doesn’t require me blowing into every cartridge is incredibly appealing. Even though this apparently “does nothing”.


And, even though I do have a fair assortment of games, like I said – stuff like Tiny Toons and Zelda – there are a lot of games built into that console that I don’t have. Castlevania,  Donkey Kong (and Jr), Ghost N’Goblins and Punch Out! Oh man. Plus Dr. Mario. The nostalgia is just flooding back. I used to have a running competition with one of my elementary school teachers in Dr. Mario.

Plus, from what I’ve read, the updated graphics are something to write home about. I’ll chalk it up to the HDMI running the show instead of an RF cable. As a side note – when I unpacked my NES to hook up to my 4K TV, I wasn’t even sure it was going to hook up. But it did. Plus the “classic” look mode is supposed to be pretty cool as well.

And the new console looks pretty awesome. Tiny, but awesome. Apparently the controllers are as wide as the entire console.

The controllers have been upgraded as well. The new controllers include tighter, better functioning D-Pads. Which will hopefully make playing games like Mega Man 2 – with it’s incredibly infuriating platforming sections – a more workable nightmare.

But, and yea we’re onto the negatives now – on the topic of the controllers: The cord. It’s way too short. For me, it’s not a huge issue. My living room isn’t large, so short wired controllers isn’t a big deal. But, the choice to do that in the first place is kind of baffling. It’s a Nintendo decision for sure. “Do people still sit two feet from the TV like they did when they were kids? No? Fuck it. Make the cords 3′ long anyway”.

The biggest no for me is the pre-loaded games. I don’t mean the choices – although while I’m at it, some of the choices are a little wonky. Super C instead of Contra? Why? I digress. The real problem is that there are only 30 games built into the console. Which, for a start, is perfectly fine. And at (I’m assuming 80$) 30 games is a good amount. Even if they aren’t all winners. But the fact that you can’t upload, download or add any more games in any way makes this system kind of a let down. I think I speak for most people when I say that when this system was announced and they said pre-installed games, that at some point we would be able to take advantage of the built in hard drive and actually be able to get some new games for it. Of course, it’s Nintendo, so I assumed it would be at my expense from the Nintendo eShop. Which, I guess, is to be expected. It’s not like they’re going to just hand out free titles – I mean, their competition has been doing it for years, but hey, it’s Nintendo.

So, with that in mind, I still don’t know what to do. If I buy the Classic, I’ll still have to buy some of the NES games I don’t have. But it’ll save me a bunch of money and time not having to track down the games that are already installed.

What am I to do?

– The Ego



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