Rumours rumours everywhere but not a drop to drink

Playstation 4.5, PS4K. It’s a nice idea. Well, not really, actually. Nope.

Trust me, no one would love to see a console output in the stunning 4K resolution. I love seeing my game broadcast in such beautiful clarity. That being said – I’m starting to wonder what’s going on over at the Sony offices? I’m worried they might be coming down with Nintendoitis.

For those new to this, and a reminder for those who read but forgot: I love my PS4. I am a Sony guy. When people ask me what to buy, that’s what I tell them. When a cross-console game comes out, and I’m excited for it – I buy it on my PS4. All that being said: Let’s talk about the future.

Sony couldn’t have this rumour floating around them at a worst time. Just last month the Playstation VR was announced. Here in the great white north, the bundle packaging in everything you need to take advantage of this “amazing” new technology is a whopping 700$. Now, I don’t have a problem with the VR fad per say. However, I think that that one release announcement is sufficient for the time being. Especially one where fans who want to invest into some new hardware are going to be footing an especially pricey bill.

And hey, if you like VR and you want to spend the money – all the power to you folks. That being said – the console just came out. 2013 isn’t even a full three year window yet guys…Now, once again, as much as I’d love a native 4K display from all of my games, just don’t do this to yourselves. It’s going to burn when you shoot yourself in the foot.

I understand the hesitation to put the hardware necessary to run a true 4K image back in 2013. Less than 1% of the population owned the kind of TVs necessary to make use of it. Now it’s set to over take the 1080p as the standard resolution probably in the next two years. But a new console is a terrible idea. The big issue is you’re going to do to the fans what Nintendo has been doing for years. In case I need to explain it: Nintendo likes to release a console, make a slight improvement, and release a minor upgrade, and then start working on whatever their next minor upgrade will be.


Now, I’m not saying Sony is going to do the same. But I think releasing an upgraded console 2.5 years in is a bad move. One I know people won’t like.


Now, if Sony did something really smart, they’d have some kind of trade in program. But let’s face facts – that’s not going to happen. The worst of it is, putting in that new hardware, that’s not going to be cheap. So the price drop we already got? Kiss that goodbye. A new console, with new, competitive hardware, that’s going to bring the new price well above the original release price.

And hey, all of this is fine for the people who have yet to adopt. I know there are likely still a large contingent of PS3 owners who haven’t made the jump. I doubt this is what they’re waiting for, but they’re out there. But Sony has been running the race in first place for a long time. Stats I read put the sales at somewhere over 35 million. 35 million, Sony. Bear that in mind before trying to tell your base that they need to upgrade already.

Even though it’s not something I’m going to get into – I think you need to devote your energies elsewhere – like the Playstation VR. Don’t let that become another Vita. Not that I bought the Vita either, but a lot of people did. And a lot of people were extremely disappointed.

Continue making new games, work on getting top end servers and protect your assets better.

Expect more from me. I’ve dropped off a few times, but I have every intention of writing regularly again.

– The Ego



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