Back again

Wow, I really kind of fell off of this. To my loyal readers, a heartfelt apology.

And what, can you possibly guess, has brought me out of hiatus? This.

So, I was very anxiously awaiting my copy of Fallout 4 today. I woke up early, just like I did as a kid at Christmas, refusing to do anything on the off chance that the mail would end up coming while I was elsewhere. Of course, that wasn’t the case. But you know, as well as I do, that if I had of done anything else, they surely would have come in the mean time. I was actually curious to see who would get it to me first, Amazon or Bestbuy. I was glad to see my faith in Bestbuy was not tried. Pretty disappointed in Amazon. I’m sure you’re wondering why I ordered two. Well, when something like this comes along, you want to make sure someone is going to fulfill that order. Worry not, fair readers, I don’t intend to scalp the second copy. When it finally shows, it’s going to a co-worker at the price I paid.

But here it is:

Now, I purposely kept myself from watching videos, reading articles, etc before the release. One of my co-workers tried to show me an unboxing video, and I had to walk away from him. But then it arrived. The article I posted had caught my eye, but before I’d read it, I wanted to unbox my own.

Now, I’m not going to say that the article is 100% in the wrong. Yes, the Pip Boy is made of plastic. And yes, it looks like plastic. But my question to the author, and to the people who have complained the same: What were you expecting? Did you think it was going to be a working, metal, futuristic Pip Boy?

Hell, even Todd Howard called it like it is. At the E word, he said: “As far as stupid gimmicks go, this is the best fucking one I’ve ever seen,”.

In defense of the article, yes, it is expensive. Yes, it’s “junk”. But if you’re buying this collector’s edition for any reason other than you love Fallout, then frankly, you need to re-think how you spend your money. Find me any game today that puts out a collector’s edition, where the statue or collectible isn’t plastic. Even some of the better one’s I own, Darksiders 2, Skyrim – the statues, masks, etc – suprise! Are all plastic…

Even the Portal gun that I purchased, and that cost me more than the Pip Boy edition (and I didn’t get a game or steelbook with it). Is it plastic? Yes. Is it incredibly well made? Well, not really. Is it cool? You bet it is.

I think people’s expectations have gotten too high. I know I’ve said it before and I’ve likely posted as much. The entitlement is getting to be a bit much. Far be it for me to say that x is worth x amount of money. I think that’s a value judgement that each person has to make for themselves. But the truth is, this is what you should come to expect when you buy a set like this. It’s never going to be the high-quality work of art that you want it to be. The Portal gun is a great example. If you want something that is built with a little more heavy-duty plastic, moving parts that function, and circuitry that serves a real purpose – expect to pay real money for it. And, again, this is just a bit of fan service. Something that you can throw up on a shelf, and take down once in a while to show off. Trust me, the Portal gun doesn’t come off of its stand very often.

I wish that opinion pieces would take a bit more time and thought. Rather than just writing a complaint off of the cuff. Sort of like this one.

I promise there’ll be more.

– The Ego


2 thoughts on “Back again

  1. It did work out. The funny thing is: I had a bunch of people who wanted it, but when it came out, they all just went to the regular edition. I’m sure someone will take it eventually.

    – The Ego

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