Tough choices

So, I’m sitting here, trying to decide what to do. I’m beset in one of those truly rare occurrences where I’ve been caught off-guard by a new release that I knew nothing about. That game, in this case, is Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance. Now, I know some of you are probably thinking: Well it’s a pretty easy decisions, buy or don’t buy. Right?

Well, if things were ever that easy, I don’t think blogs, vlogs and review sites would even exist. Let me breakdown my problem for you. Maybe, and I hope this is the case, it’ll give me a bit of clarity, and maybe, just maybe, a reason for some of you to comment and weigh in. That would be most excellent. As an aside, I don’t really have anyone else to give me any advice. I generally only have the angel and devil on my shoulders. The angel, being my wife and my wallet telling me that I already have enough games to play. The devil being my co-workers and the other part of my conscience telling me I need to buy anything remotely interesting because I’m missing out on great experiences.

So here’s the deal:

  1. There are times where games, not major AAA releases obviously, just don’t last in stores. In this case – my store only received four copies of Disgaea 5. Now, it may stay online for some time, and it may not. So I put a copy aside for myself while I took some time to look into the matter. If the game disappears, I’m going to have to hunt for it. And, frankly, that’s tedious at the best of times.
  2. Money/time – Yes the age old battle. I think that’s sufficient.
  3. Lack of review sites. Now, I know this isn’t a game that is going to be at the forefront of every gaming site. But it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t deserve a decent enough review. Now, I’m not going to tear down other people’s art or what have you, but the choices to see an in-depth review about a relatively unknown game are pretty lackluster. IGN, who devoted a whopping 2 minutes, but is barely able to justify why the game ranked an 8.7 or another review I saw on youtube, which is almost 10 minutes, but is choppily read without any kind of inflection – boring me so badly that I couldn’t finish it even though it probably held the answer to my dispute. Generally, I go to for my reviews. They combine video evidence and a well formed script to actually (and articulately) explain the boons and failures of games. But they too often pass on reviewing smaller title releases. I guess I get it – can’t review everything (though, I’m sure they have the staff to). I know there are a lot of written reviews, and given that I, you know, write a blog, should probably impact me just as well. But when it comes to a digital media – I really do want to see something. Sites like Metacritic make it so easy too. Collecting all of the reviews together, and offering user reviews. But even sites like that, with a relatively unknown game, are lacking.
  4. What else is out this month? That ended up being the next question I had to ask myself. What else have I pre-ordered for October? Fortunately, this is the smaller issue. Looks like I only have Assassin’s Creed out, so at least that’s not going to be the deciding factor. Course, I wouldn’t mind grabbing the Darksiders re-master. But it’s not enough of  a reason to put off a new title. November though…We all know how big that’s going to be.

As I close this out, I think I know what I’m going to do. It’s always easier to just say yes, and worry about the problem later. Eventually I’ll make it through my backlog. At least that’s what I tell myself to sleep at night. Post. Weigh in. I want you to.

–  The Ego


5 thoughts on “Tough choices

  1. If you enjoy strategy RPGs I would highly recommend Disgaea 5. I reviewed the game, if you are interested, but if you are seeking a more professional assessment just do a search on GameFAQs. They have links to loads of sites that have covered the game.

    • I decided it wasn’t a pass, just a “not now” decision. I think it’s just one of those things you know will be good, but will also be there when you get around to it. My stores received 4 copies at launch. We still have 3. So I’m playing the waiting game. It will be mine. But by the time I get around to. Buying it, I can only hope I have the time.

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