Gone Fishin’

This isn’t something I’d say very often, but I feel it warrants it this time:

The gaming industry can kiss my ass. Seriously.

So, I go on vacation, and before I left, nothing going on. Literally nothing. You can tell that it’s a slow news day when you see IGN posting obscene amounts of fluff pieces about their opinions, or rumours that aren’t rumours, rumours about rumours or better still updates on pieces that are rumours about rumours and how no one has gotten back to them. That being the case for the last few weeks, I figured – well, at least while I’m away, I won’t feel bad about not updating my page, because nothing is going on.

And then today happens:

Pokemon Go! is announced, Fallout drops some knowledge on us and there are (possibly) substantial leaks about Kingdom Hearts 3…

Hence, my ass.

What a day?! So, here I am, sitting in a hotel room, 1AM, writing this up because these are seriously big topics. I’m going to regret the hour, but something has to go down on (virtual) paper.

I guess I’ll start with Pokemon Go!. So here I am, what, a month ago saying “Nintendo needs to step up and give us the Pokemon console we’ve all been begging for” *COUGH* self promotion *COUGH*. And then they go and do this.

Pokemon Go! Is as close as Pokemon will ever been to being real (I really hope that I’m wrong). Now, I know it’s kitschy and will likely be infinitely less fun than advertised. At least to the extent that I doubt people in my city will all be rushing into the town square to battle and (hopefully) capture Rayquaza. Though this is definitely, again, one of those places that I’m horribly wrong.

While a Pokemon MMO or something like it is still on my top 5 gaming wishlist, I think that this game will prove to be quite a bit of fun. Nothing fun:

But I think it’ll hold its own.

And I am the last person who is going to talk up a mobile game. Other than as a phone, the only things I use my S4 for are web surfing and listening to music. I’ve tried my hand, pun totally intended, at playing mobile games. I have Fallout Shelter going. Though, I’ll be honest, having a hard time seeing the fuss and this is coming from a total Bethesda mark. So, playing a Pokemon mobile game might prove to be lame or some kind of fad. Time will tell. But the idea of forcing me to get out and do stuff, and perhaps catch a Kingler? Sounds like a day for me. Plus, it gives me an excuse to go out for more walks, which will definitely make my wife happier.

Oh, and did you see what they’re releasing with it?

That’s a good enough excuse for me to dig out the olde’ Pokewalker. I hate watches, don’t do Fitbits, but I will get one of these. I wonder how cool it’ll look when I’m walking around with that, my pokewalker on my belt, and my Pipboy (fully functioning) on my wrist? I bet it’ll be awesome!

I just hope that the quality is there. I also hope this catches on better than I think it will. The biggest problem that the franchise has had so far is that it can’t keep up with the demand for something new, and it won’t go 100% the way fans want it to. My main concern is going to be around how much this game requires people to commune and actually play in the same general area. I can say, with 100% assurance, that I haven’t physically been in the same room to trade pokemon since 2011.

So, is the game there? Is the tech worth it? How long will it be until I turn the notifications off? Only time will tell. Till then, I will be warming a spot on my wrist. Yup.

– The Ego


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