A little unorthadox

This isn’t my usual type of posting. Normally, if you’ve been following from the start, or took the time to go back and read some of my earlier posts (if so, you totally rock) you’ll know that my posts are usually pretty topical – or are about some sort of gripe I have with the industry. Or, in the rare occasions, something I’ve noticed that a company is doing right.

In the last few weeks, I’ve been picking up a bunch of different games. This week past, I saw a game I wanted, come up on clearance, so I figured I’d go for it. It was the collector’s edition as well. Hell, go big or go home right? The contents seemed pretty cool – being a fan of the series. Oh, it was Elder Scrolls Online. Probably useful info going forward.

So I ordered it online, expecting it to show up on Friday. Figured by the time I got around to opening it, it’d be the weekend, and I’d have some good fodder. However, the postal gods were considerate – and got it to me on my day off. I get to the post office, and there is a massive (seriously, no hyperbole, massive) box with my name on it. Immediately, I figured it was one of those times where the company I bought it from was overly cautious and shipped it in a ton of packaging. I mean, look at this:

It looks pretty standard. Right? Well, it’s not.

That (^) is how big it is. The box is the size of a grown-man’s torso. Bethesda – That is how you do it!

I made a post not too long ago how I mostly pass on the collector’s editions now. The items are often not worth it, or the price is too high for what little physical mementos that are included. This, however, is the polar opposite. When my wife got home and saw it, she was under the impression that I had purchased a second PS4. Suffice to say, she was less than impressed. Being that A) I don’t need a second PS4 and B) She bought me my PS4 – I can’t say as I blamed her. However, when I explained to her, and opened the box to show her, she couldn’t get over the fact that all of this was to house a single game.

The box art is very nice. Nothing really special. It’s the same as what you’d get on the case of the standard box. That being said, it’s a nice box nonetheless. When you get it open, though, the case inside that’s protecting the various items inside, is very deep. It has a velvet-esque texture. Within you find it holding in the statue of Molag Bal, the game inside of a steel-case and the art book.

Now, so far as collector’s boxes goes, it’s pretty standard fair.

I will admit, the statue of Molag Bal was pretty awesome. Very high on the quality and the detail. Coming from the makers (I can only assume) of the Anduin statue – you’re getting something along the same lines. The size is good. Not something where you have to look at it and say “where the hell am I going to put this?” (though, to be fair, I asked that anyway…My house is basically full from top to bottom with this sort of stuff as is). But it’s also not so small that you question whether it was worth the extra cash.

The art book is where the set really shines. It’s hardbound, and laid out like the piece of art it is meant to be. Normally, I don’t get overly excited about this. As a matter of fact, I just found the one that goes to my Darksiders 2 CE, and well, it’s pretty lame. It’s a 3×5 book.

The only real lackluster item in the set was the steel-case. Could have used better art instead of just being maroon.

All in all, not bad.

– The Ego


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