Better make a list

How does it even happen? Somehow I completely missed the fact that Dishonred – Definitive Edition is due out in less than a week. Maybe I’m slipping in my old age (30+ is old, right? I’m not wrong here?).

So here’s the question of the day: Do I keep it, knowing that I have it on my PS3, and all of the DLC that I haven’t even touched. Or, do I just pass (not so easily done), get around to it and finally finish it on my PS3?

I feel like buying it again – knowing I paid for DLC (which is annoying enough as is) and not finishing it will drive me crazy. I get hung up on weird stuff like this far too often.

At the same time: I have a hard time going back to my PS3 games. I don’t know what it is? Other than better graphics, and a more comfortable controller – there isn’t a whole lot of a difference. But whenever I go to play, and I get tired of waiting for a match to actually pair up in Evolve, I think: I should go play something else. Then, usually, I start getting a bit ADD with what I should play. I put something in I’ve played, or something that I’m nowhere near finished and then I get discouraged, turn off my console, put Netflix or Youtube on the TV, and just browse the web.

So I just endless flip back and forth between Evolve and Farcry.

The worst part of trying to make this decision, is probably that this is just one example of the problem. Every day I see the bright pink case of the DMC just sitting there, all seductive and all. Telling me: “Don’t feel bad about not finishing me on PS3…Just buy me again and I’m sure someone will buy your old copy”.

If I hadn’t of bought the DLC for the game, I don’t think this would be a question I’d even be asking. I would just buy it. But, the problem is, (aside from the money) it sets a bad precedent. Both for myself, and for the industry. I think we’re all a little too comfortable with the way DLC has worked for some time. Game of the year editions, definitive editions, etc have become the norm. When Borderlands 2 was out, and to a lesser extent the Pre-Sequel – I figured: Why bother? It’s a guarantee that they will release an edition, either the same price, or cheaper with everything on disc. And I haven’t been disappointed yet.

It’s probably something worth replaying regardless. Looking at it that way makes it an easier pill to swallow. But then I think about getting the trophies – ha. That’s at least two playthroughs. Can’t do it.

Even as I write this – the decision is getting clearer and clearer. It’s a fringe benefit to writing this blog. I don’t really have anyone who I can use as a sounding board. My wife will just tell me I don’t need another game. She’s right of course – to an extent. Can’t tell her that of course. None of my friends are real gamers and customers aren’t about to weigh in on the issue.

I know a lot of the time, I ask questions in this blog that are either rhetorical, or posed for (philosophical) effect. But this is one of those rare occasions where, writing down my problem, actually gave me a good idea of what I need to do.

I think at a later date, if I have the time, I will get it. For the time being – I think if I get the hankering to pick it up again, I’ll just force myself to work through that DLC of my own volition when I have the extra time to take care of it.

Wow, that feels good. Closure. It’s a nice change. I think we should do this more often…Did this just get weird? Yea, it really did.

– The Ego


2 thoughts on “Better make a list

    • I don’t know where you live, but I can tell you in Canada, the game of the year edition is only 20$.

      It’s definitely worth getting. If you have a PS4, I’d just pick it up for the current gen. It’s going to look more polished.

      And, chances are, it’ll be on sale pretty soon.

      Thanks for reading and commenting. If there is anything you’d like me to cover, just let me know.

      – The Ego

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