A lesson learned

So, out of Gamescom, we got the announcement of the next World of Warcraft expansion: The Legion.

A bit of history:

Back in the good old days, A.K.A when I was at university and still in my early 20’s, a little game came out. Something that brought me a lot of excitement to read about and consider. WoW. Yes, unlike most WoW players, I was in my 20’s when it came out. Both myself and a good friend were included in the beta testing phase. Having been an avid Warcraft player throughout the years, but especially Wacraft 3 and the Frozen Throne expansion, seeing that universe, with the rich and deep lore, in a game where I could navigate freely was something special.

So I played through the beta, got the game at launch. I told myself I wouldn’t open it until I had finished all of my final papers for the semester – which was a bald-faced lie and I should have known better than to trust myself. I think I managed about two days of restraint. Granted, I still got my papers done, but I digress.

From vanilla WoW to the first expansion, I was in a pretty hardcore raiding guild. The guild broke up towards the end of Burning Crusade. At that point, I just quit because I didn’t want to play without my guild.

After that, I said I wouldn’t play again, because, as anyone who’s played will tell you, WoW is a time sink. Then I met my wife. We talked about how WoW used to take up basically all of my time. I mean, raiding was like a part time job. I think I was giving up at least 20 hours a week just to raiding, not to mention collecting mats for raiding, etc. But when we met, she was still at university, and I needed something I could play, but without making noise. In comes Wrath of the Lich King. I played through that, and gave up. Once again, I said I’d not go back.

What can I say: I’m a junkie. I saw Cataclysm, and joked that I wanted to go back. Much to her chagrin. Mists of Pandaria came, I said the same thing. But I didn’t.

Warlords of Draenor…Yea, I gave in and went back. It’s pretty appealing, too, since I don’t need to pay with real money any more. It’s been a pretty awesome expansion all in all. The graphics are much improved, the story and way of pushing the narrative is something unique – even to WoW.

Recently, I’ve given up playing it in favour of going back to my PS4. That and the consistent raiding of the same content, and the lack of real additions.

But here we are: Another new expansion.

I think Blizzard has given up on caring whether or not the subscriptions go up and go down. They know that people will come back and leave again. They know that as content lulls during the current expansion, that the people who complain and bail will come back.

I’m at the point where I’m basically done with the current content, and I don’t foresee myself doing a whole lot more before Legion releases. Unless they come up with something to pique my interest between now and (I presume) 2016. I know I’ll be coming back for this one. Monks were cool, and I enjoyed leveling mine as far as I got him (before I lost interest in the game on the whole). But playing as a Demon Hunter – fighting the good fight against the burning legion? Hell yea. I plan on bringing the hurt. I like the way Blizzard teases stuff. They don’t give away too much, but they whet the appetite by showing you some basic, but amazing looking stuff. I think that Blizard has come a long way from Vanilla, and they know how to bring players back.

Hopefully by then, I’ll have caught up a bit (lot) on my backlog.

– The Ego


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