The cost of it all

I’m really happy with my PS4. The current gen consoles are amazing. Here’s the but:

I can’t get over the size of the install and patch files. 50GB per game and a year and a half later, my HDD is full and I’m playing “which of these games won’t I be replaying?”. I get that hardware costs money (what doesn’t, right?). But why is it that the console companies release consoles with so little internal storage?

I guess, at the end of production, they have to decide where to make cutbacks. The CPU, RAM and GPU seems to be where the focus is. I’ll be honest – when the PS3 came out, and they were charging 600$, there was no way I was paying that price. I didn’t pick one up until the slim came out, and even then – I was able to get it on Boxing day with Batman: Arkham Asylum and inFamous for free. My point, despite being momentarily derailed, is: even though I wouldn’t pay 600$ for a console – I find it hard to believe that Sony wouldn’t be able to manufacture or buy (in bulk) HDDs to give gamers the size of storage that they actually need. It only took me about six months before I saw my HDD filling up. That’s not a long time considering that the current-gen consoles are just starting to hit their stride. I’ve bought a third of the games I own in the last month or two. While 2015 doesn’t hold a lot more in the way of big releases, quantitatively speaking. I’m definitely not discounting Fallout 4 or Star Wars: Battlefront. 2016, on the other hand, just what I’ve already pre-ordered is going to be overwhelming.

The options for upgrading aren’t great either. The casing you can buy to expand to a 3.5″ HDD over the 2.5″ laptop drives makes the console look bulky (and stupid, frankly). But then, what to do? The cost of any decent sized HDD, and I’m not even talking a loose 2.5″, is pretty high. And, given that the drives are just going to fill up exponentially, it just doesn’t make sense to have to upgrade several times. It’s not efficient and it’s not going to be cheap.

Unfortunately, from some basic scoping of the situation, my options don’t look all that promising either. Which is unfortunate. I’m ready to upgrade now. If I could swing it, I’d grab something on the 4TB to 6TB if I could. I’d settle at three. Looking like 2TB might end up being my max for the time being. Which, that being the case, isn’t the end of the world. It’s still four times the space I got from launch. Which means being able to install games as I get them rather than holding back or deleting just to keep playing. Since Sony was kind enough to add the update-while-idle feature in the stand-by settings, it’s nice to just pop the games in that I haven’t played so that when the time does come that I’m ready to jump into Metro Redux or Mad Max (come September) I can just do it. No waiting on an update download or install. Just press the button, hear that sweet beep, and a gaming I shall go.

Long story, I know, especially given that it basically comes down to: I can’t believe I have to upgrade the hardware already. It’s especially tedious since I can’t seem to put my hands on one for a size that I want, without spending over 200$…

Well, I guess now I know how the master race players feel. Well, in terms of the cost expenditure, definitely not the entitled sense of superiority.

Hopefully by the time this current gen is last gen, the companies manufacturing the consoles, be they still Sony and Microsoft (and, well, I guess Nintendo) they’ll have learned something from this, and we won’t be shelling out the cash within the first year or so to upgrade something that shouldn’t require afterthought. That would be nice.

– The Ego


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