Can’t help it

I finished writing my last blog post, and I felt like I didn’t quite cover some of it.

This is going to be painful for someone. That someone – Cashcom (formerly Capcom). I think that’s the one company that leaves the worst taste in my mouth as far as the whole DLC system goes.

When I say I am an old-school player of the Marvel Vs Capcom series, I mean old school. I was dropping 10’s of dollars in arcade machines when arcades were big. I don’t mean like the diversionary arcades that you find at your local Cineplex or Chuck-e-Cheese (does that even still exist?). Yea, so, I won’t proclaim myself to be good at them by any means. But I love(d) that series. Going to the arcade, seeing the capability of the “graphics” and the full impact of the environment was really something. Even though I am not good at fighting games, playing in the arcade there would always been the three levels of skills.

Tier 1 – The newbie. Some kid whose parents brought them there to entertain them at a (relatively) minimal cost.

Tier 2 – Good at games in general, likes to try their hand at a little of everything.

Tier 3 – That guy who was so indomitable that you had to put your quarter up for next, despite knowing that he is going to demolish you.

I was probably somewhere in between 2 and 3, depending on the night.

Nostalgia aside, I have a point. Marvel Vs Capcom came out a few years ago now (2011). When it came out, I pre-0rdered it, had it in my home and in my PS3 within minutes of making it in the door. And I went all out – collector’s edition. For pre-ordering, you were given access to two DLC characters – Jill Valentine and Shuma Gorath.

Now, like I said – I like the idea of DLC. But what Capcom does is release a game where the DLC is locked on the disc. Now, I know Capcom isn’t the only company. Lots of others are guilty of it as well. Here’s what kills me though: Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom is released within nine months of the original release – but this time with “re-balanced” fighters and twelve new characters. Granted, they lowered the price of the re-release, but come on! And they keep doing it. Street Fighter IV, for example, was released something like fives times on the last-gen consoles. Five times Seriously. Obviously people kept buying it. They had to, otherwise they wouldn’t have kept making them. So yes, we the consumers/gamers were responsible for our own end. I, however wasn’t one of them. Though, admittedly, I did buy UMvC3…Sigh. It had Ghost Rider and Dr. Strange. I’m only one man! The whole time that I was playing it – I was just waiting for the Super Mega Ultra Epic Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3.5 Hyper Turbo Collectors Edition. Thankfully, that wasn’t the case.

What is infuriating is that they did release it that many times. Five separate runs for, effectively, the same game. In what universe can anyone explain to me how that is acceptable. Considering the sorts of piddly crap that most gamers complain about, this is the sort of thing that should have the public assembling torches and pitchforks. Yes, I realise that this was years ago, but this sort of stuff is still happening. EA is another one of those companies who is guilty of launching titles and then burying the end-user in heaps of DLC. It’s sickening.

The only place I will give Capcom credit for in the DLC space is that, at least, the majority of their DLC was costumes/skins so that you’re not getting bogged down in pay-to-win or disc locked characters who you have to buy to fully enjoy the game.

So let’s go industry, we all know that you’re better than that. Eventually you’ll push too far, and then what? Then what?

Oh yea, day 1 DLC/patches…That’s a whole other giant bag of crap.

– The Ego


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