Wrapping up a generation

It’s been coming up a lot, probably because it’s that time. We need to say goodbye to the PS3/360 generation.

The last of the games are slowly coming out, marching slowly to the funeral dirge. That being said, before we weep those last tears and forget about them, I think I’m going to give a quick “best of” so you loyal readers can take another look back before it’s all over, and move on free from regret.

1) Bioshock 1, Infinite: I’ll be honest – you can skip Bioshock 2. It improved on the mechanics from the first, but lacks the depth the original story had. If you missed out on the first or Infinite, and have a PS3, fret not. Bioshock comes as a free download with Infinite. I recommend going through B1, completing it, moving on to Infinite and do yourself the favour, buy the DLC. You won’t regret listening to me. If Ken Levine (writer on both, but not 2) asked me to – I would have his love child.

2) Red Dead Redemption: Rockstar doesn’t publish a lot – but they know quality. L.A Noire being the exception that proves the rule. They re-imagined and set a new standard in the GTA series with GTA IV and they did something even more special with RDR. Mechanics – oh boy. What a game. Story wise, I was truly sad to see it end. Saying goodbye to John Marston was tough for me. I had zero exposure to the previous titles, and had no clue what to expect. But this was a winner is every category. Even doing something as cliche as zombies – worked. Can’t say that for every other attempt.

3) Fallout 3/New Vegas: With Fallout 4 on the horizon, I can’t imagine why you wouldn’t be playing either of these games instead of reading my incessant prattling on. While I hold my blog in high regards, we’re talking Fallout here people! Todd Howard is the other person who’s esteem is so highly rated in my books, he can do no wrong. I really hope I don’t have to expound the virtues of either of these titles. I mean, they’re revolutionary in scope and magnitude.

4) Batman series: Skip Origins. You’ll thank me later. With Arkham Knight having recently come out – play Asylum and City. The quality is there.

5) Alice: Madness Returns: Highly, highly underrated title. The sequel to American McGee’s Alice, twisted beyond words, but very engaging. The story is fantastic in every sense, the gameplay is of a high caliber, but lacking in the precise style I’d become accustomed to. Still, definitely worth a play through just to see the twisted world in Alice’s head.

6) Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions: So far, Marvel’s only contender for the Arkham throne. I completely skipped the sequel, and I’ve never lost a wink of sleep. But if you want to see Spidey at his best, with fun and varied play styles – buy it.

7) Skyrim: Because Skyrim.

8) Transformers: War for Cyberton: One of the few, playable Transformers games. The sequel took away the choice of which Autobot or Decepticon you got to play as, so that was a bummer, but the series managed to stand on it’s own two feet. Doubt we’ll see another of its ilk.

9) Darksider 1+2: With THQ folding, the future of this series in under question, but you won’t regret checking out the post-apocalyptic titles as you attempt to figure out how the end of times was brought about before its time. Great combat and overall enjoyable playstyle. I mean, it’s basically Zelda and God of War.

Honourable mention: South Park Stick of Truth and Splatterhouse. Seeing South Park characters acting out a D&D session with the humour only Matt/Trey could produce was really something. Splatterhouse – you can beat enemies to death with your own severed limbs. You can imagine my delight.

Part of me really wants to include the God of War series. But there are just too many of them. Three was the best, so wiki the lead-in and finish the game.

– The Ego


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