What to do? What to do?

So, I was bored and had about 45 seconds to kill last night. Just out of curiosity, I counted all of my games. Now, I’m signed up to sites like playstationtrophies.org and psnprofiles.com. I like trophies and I like keeping track of them. I can be a little OCD like that. So, the reason I started counting them was because I was trying to decide if it’d be better to integrate my PS4 games into my PS3 games, or keep them separate.

So, I have 99 disc games. And that’s not counting the slew of Nintendo products I have elsewhere. That seems like a lot. With the pre-orders I have pending, I’m looking at having well over 120 through the next year. So, I have to ask: What do you do with the games once you’ve really completed them?

I’m sure a large demographic would say: Trade them in. Or, sell them on Kijiji. And, from time to time, I’ve done the latter. But, I hate the used game market. Now, the occasional game you want to push onto the secondary market, through private sales, isn’t so bad. I figure, at least: 1) I gave the initial money to the developers and 2) I might be turning someone on to a series that they may have passed on otherwise. The same way I almost missed out on playing the Borderlands series. It didn’t come about quite like that, but the point stands.

Now, I’m a collector. I think that’s at least part of why I haven’t gone digital. Well, that an digital games still retail for the same price as the disc copies, and my HDD can’t quite sustain the installs as it is. I keep eyeballing that 6 TB drive. So, being a collector means that I’m always going to have a lot of stuff. Fortunately, I’m not quite at this point…yet:

Part of me would like to downsize. Part of me loves it though. I really do love the box art. And, when I’ve been able to grab them, steelbook cases are really awesome. It makes the thought of hanging onto games that I’ve beaten, gotten the platinum and long moved on, totally worth it.

I guess for the time being, I’ll keep collecting. But there have been times where the deals are too good to pass up on the PSN and I’ve gone ahead and bought them. Lego Marvel is a good example there. 4$ on PSN vs 29.99 retail (when I bought it). Not a tough choice there.

I guess what it boils down to is space. I’m getting to the point where I just don’t have space (seems to be a running theme of being an adult. Running out of the things that seemed to be a given: space, time, money, etc). I guess so long as I can fit them, I will continue down the road of collecting them. But there does come a time where decisions need to be made. Do I keep it, or do I pass it on? I do it with books. When I lend them out, I basically expect to never seem them again. And, I guess, they’re at the price-point where I don’t mind it so much. But with games, maybe I need to start taking the same approach. Like I said, the cost might be a bit too high to take that kind of approach. But, I think that’s a good way to get my point across to people about the quality of games they might be missing out on.

Though, with the way that media seems to be going, we might all end up with streaming services like Netflix, or Playstation Now becoming not just prevalent, but the standard. Until then, I will likely continue down the road I’m on. There is definitely something to be said for the Netflix model, it definitely takes me away from the 500+ DVDs I own. But, it’s also that much harder to find something to watch when the choices are vast.

– The Ego


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