This is basically it

I had something else planned to be published when this article was set to go live, but then I saw this video linked through Facebook (ugh, I hate giving credit to that awful site):

Nintendo, Gamefreak – I hope you’re paying attention. This is pretty much what we’re all waiting for. You can check out the article here. Realistically, if this is something that someone can put together, on their own, without the billions of dollars and marketing engine that is Nintendo, then you’ve run out of excuses Reggie/Iwata’s replacement.

Don’t get me wrong: Stadium, your Tekken version of Pokemon (currently named Poken) – those are some cool ideas. Hell, I even really liked Pokemon Snap. And, I have enjoyed playing through every iteration of the handheld releases and re-releases that you’ve put out. But this, this is what people are clamouring for. If I’ve said it once (and I have), then I’ve said it ad nauseam: Make us a damned home console, 3D Pokemon game already.

The basic work, or idea, is already there. How it would work is easy. The only real question at hand is: How? Do you do single player, with the same system for battling online as you’d get in the 3DS iterations or on Super Smash Bros Wii U? Either way. MMO, single-player adventure with some online battling – no one cares. I mean, everyone cares and people are going to pull the rope both ways, but one thing I can assure you: No matter how you do it, people are going to be happy and excited. I think I can speak for the masses when I say, people don’t necessarily want to be running around as the pokemon. I know I don’t want to be Charmander, but I do want to train my own in crystal clear, 4K quality up on my big-screen. I want to run side by side with my Squirtle, and take on Brock’s gym and show him how weak his Onix really is. Graveller? More like Groveller.

Awful puns aside, that’s it. That’s what people want, and that’s what I want. Seeing someone import the characters they love into a world that looks that amazing. I can’t help but question why there is so much resistance on the opposite side of the fence?

If we’re to believe Reggie, then Nintendo wants to make fans happy and deliver those AAA titles. But I don’t see a lot of movement across the desk. If anything, Nintendo has been taking one step forward, and about a kilometer back. They’re going backwards so fast, they actually believe they’re winning.

I think one of the most frustrating part of not giving us something like this:

Is that it wouldn’t be that hard. I think most people would be happy to settle for just being able to catch the current pokemon in existence. You’ll definitely find some greedy people who won’t be happy no matter how hard you try and please them. Though, what I can safely say, from my experience working in the industry, the majority will be content knowing that 1) Their pleas were heard and 2) That once the first one succeeds (and it will) it means promising things for the future.

Granted, that’s a lot of 3D sprites to design and code, plus a lot of moves.

But Nintendo – think of the customization! You could have people choosing what types of trainers they are and match their play styles with some sort of attitude parameters so that you can actually see a difference in between how your pokemon’s relationship with you vs someones.

I’ll let it rest there – barring my stumbling across more amazing videos like that in the near future.

Nintendo – take this opportunity to re-asses your industry role(s). If we can come to terms on that, I can spare the harsh words for a while. I really don’t think what people, myself included, is unreasonable. The market, for TVs as well, is all going to an in-home systems.\

– The Ego


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