So I bought it

Ok, for a change I’ve been spending my time off playing videogames. Like I said in one of my past posts, I’ve bought quite a few games lately. I’m not going to go in to any kind of depth as most of these games have been out for quite some time. That being said: I’ll give some quick general impressions.

Borderlands: The Handsome Collection – Great, but been there. Borderlands 2 was amazing. No doubt about it. Now they’ve packaged together Borderlands 2 and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel (just like I assumed they would and the main reason I returned my PS3 copy) together and amped up the graphics, included all of the DLC – it’s a lot of game in the package for a decent price. Of all of the current remastered games on the PS4, I think this is the best so far. The colours and art style lend themselves to the native 1080p really well – and the fact that it’s been up-scaled to the 4K resolution – it really is a thing of beauty. And of course – Buttstallion. There hasn’t been a character like Handsome Jack in a long time. I look forward to the “hero’s” origin story as I progress through the Pre-Sequel.

Farcry 4 – I didn’t know what to expect going into this. Ubisoft is a great company who moves a bit faster than they should. I’d never played anything from the series previous to its current incarnation, but I wanted to give it a shot. It was up for a lot of awards and the antagonist is voiced by the illustrious Troy Baker. Not something I’d pass up honestly. So far – pretty great. I enjoy the mechanics of the game, probably one of the more solid FPS games I’ve played in a while. Beyond that – beautiful setting. Not somewhere I’d ever considered going in real life, but after seeing the majestic vistas in an animated 4K (yes, I own a 4K and I am really loving it) – I might just have to plan the trip.

Evolve – Yes, I bought it.

Despite the urging from various friends and colleagues, I took the plunge. I had a plethora of gift cards burning a hole in my pocket. In the end, it came down to Evolve and Pay Day 2: Crimewave edition. Did I make the right choice? Let me know in the comments. As for the game I chose: Pretty incredible. I had taken part in the beta and what I actually got to play was amazing. My concern as I tore through the cellophane packaging was – what if the player base had abandoned it? But I was relieved as soon as I got in – on a Wednesday during the day no less. The mechanics are amazing. The diversity in classes is apparent and each character’s role is crucial. So far I’ve played every class – not every character – and they all offer a unique intro to the game. My biggest disappointment (aside from the overwhelming amount of paid DLC) is the unlock/level system. Having to use specific weapons or tactics to further progress through the character/ability unlock tree is pedantic at the best of it. And that’s only from one day of play. I don’t mind a leveling structure – but I’d prefer it be a win/loss basis or some combination of excellent play, not whether or not I’m using weapons or skills that seem pointless or difficult to make work (I’m looking at you Markov and your lame mines…).

Generally, I hate playing multiple games at the same time. I’ve always been really principled when it comes to that. Starting a story and then having to take a long break so that I can start something new annoyed me because I’d generally forget where I was at and either A) retrace my steps via reading missions logs, wikis and the like or B) Force me to restart the game because I felt as though I was always missing something crucial. At least with these, no real risk there.

– The Ego


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