Constantly Evolving

Sorry for the lack of updates recently. I’d love to post that I have a good excuse, but I really don’t. Just tired.

Here’s my question for the day:

Is it worth picking up something that is online only?

I ask because, well, I have gift cards burning a hole in my wallet. I’ve been putting off things I wanted to pick up for a while, but the last few weeks I’ve gotten some pretty amazing deals on games I’ve wanted to try. And, well, another one of those opportunities has come up. The part I can’t decide on is: Do I pick up a game like Evolve where I know there is no story and nothing to keep me hooked other than a potentially fun and competitive game.

But then we’re back to the age old question: Can a game without any story at all (aside from a little pre-match banter by the PCs) hold its own in a competitive market? After picking up three new games in the last week (yes, I have a problem and that’s been fully established). Those games being: Farcry 4, Kingdom Hearts 2.5 and Borderlands: The Handsome Collection. So, aside from my every growing backlog, the question stands.

Sometimes these types of games are ideal. Worst case, a match lasts about fifteen minutes. Compared to something like Elder Scrolls Online, which is also a guaranteed 100 (or more) hours to complete. So, even though I’d love to pick up EOS and/or Bloodborne, knowing that those games aren’t a pick up/put down – most of you playing those games know exactly what I’m talking about. So something like Evolve might be the answer to my problems.

I’ve been bouncing back and forth between the new games with the excellent stories when I’m on a day off. So, those days are golden for getting through the longer titles. That being said, I’m always bouncing back and forth between the longer games, but I keep picking up and putting down games like Plants Vs Zombies. It’s because because of the reasons I mentioned before.I really feels great to come home, kick off the work clothes and plop down on to the couch, throw on a PvZ or GTAO and blow off some steam from a long day at work.

Sometimes it’s nice to have those sorts of games. Do they offer the depth of any of the normal sorts of games I play? Well, not really. But they do have an appeal. I’m not sure what draws me to games like Plants Vs Zombies: Garden Warfare. The basic premise of the game is simple, and generally unappealing. I mean, it’s just a shooter. But, at the same time, earning the coins to get the new types of characters is endearing and fun. As I do better also, the game gets to be quite a bit more fun.

I guess these types of games push the competitive part of our collective psyches. Being good at the games, winning or getting the high k/d ratio is in itself rewarding and entertaining. To some extent, I guess we (and in this case I mean I) thrive on that sort of concept. Honing that competitive edge does make me happy and it definitely gives me the desire to play those sorts of games. I guess, also, it’s a welcome change from the norm. Playing games where the threat of death, virtually of course, is a setback can be rewarding, but at the same time, can be frustrating. Games where the only downside is not being the best is actually kind of freeing. I mean, I consider myself a great gamer. I take on challenges big and overwhelming. So, when I can die without fear of lost time, it’s a welcome change. Plus it’s nice to have a game I can interrupt when ever I need.

So I guess the question, aside from the one I posed at the outset, is: Should I buy Evolve? Comment and weigh in.

– The Ego


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