Where was I?

Oh yea, censorship.

Why is this still an issue? Why, in the 21st century, are we still so hung up on things like sex and violence. They’ve both existed since the beginning of time, and here we are, still “struggling” to excise them from our media. But, at the same time, doesn’t seem like we’re working as a whole to rid them from our society. I suppose arguments could be made that some places are, but definitely not in North America. Which is ironic, since the majority of the fanatics who hate violent videogames, are the same people who vote in and support the war mongers.

That being said: I think there is a line that is acceptable.

By no means, am I urging parents to all let their children of any ages play Grand Theft Auto V or Mortal Kombat or Akiba Strip. All I’m saying is that the whole attempt to ban the sale or production of your average game is wrong, and frankly, stupid.

I’d like to say that this is a throw back to more zealous and primitive time. A time where book burnings were a regular occasion. Though, the sad truth is that that sort of stupidity and insanity is still going on…

I’ve always been a proponent the rational. If the issue is that our media, meaning games and the like, are too violent or over sexualised, where do the fanatics think that comes from? Violence begets violence. We live in a society where it is against the law to be violent, and outwardly opposes violent mediums, yet every night on the news is reports of violence. Every day is another situation of war or the like in other countries (which is then followed by our violent intercession).

I think the simple truth that most have come to accept: we’re a violent species. With that in mind, why do we abhor violence and sex? I know North America, especially the USA, was born out of puritanical idealism. But that was a long, long time ago. We’re simultaneously the most puritanical of mind, and yet the largest purveyors and consumers of pornography and violent media.

The point where I stand is: Who cares? So we like violent media and sex. What’s so wrong with that? The love of the taboo is ingrained in our psyches. Honestly, I think we all just need to wake up and give this fight a break.

North America is rife with so many social ills. Even the way we choose to frame those concepts is violent in nature. We’re fighting the “war on drugs, homelessness, etc”.

I get where the desire comes from. What I don’t get is our specific hang-ups on sex, but that’s another issue entirely.

What is gained from censorship in this day and age? How could anyone really believe that it’s content like GTA or CoD that is what makes our youth violent? How is it that people forget, so easily, that we were violent from the get-go?

The only thing, that I can see, that censorship offers our society is the chance to be lazy and complacent. Parents don’t need to parent if there is no violent or sexual media for their children to consume. The truth is: If parents don’t want their kids to be exposed to that sort of thing, then they just need to exercise their parental roles and make sure that they don’t buy or allow their kids to buy those games. Banning something outright just strengthens the desire to find and play those games.

It’s much harder to raise a responsible child who is able to cope and understand the reality of the world that is reflected through it’s media. As all gamers know, there is a system in place (ESRB rating) so that with minimal effort they can inform themselves as to how a game is rated and why it is rated as such.

So, parents parent, and quit it with the shenanigans.

– The Ego


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