A good deal is a good deal…

I feel like this is part of the blog where I have to admit that I have a problem. Yes, I’m a game addict. The fact that I write this blog, keep myself up to date on basically all of the comings and goings of the industry – regardless of the fact that I only really play on one console – more than proves that.

However, when a good deal comes up, I’d be crazy not to grab it, wouldn’t I? Wouldn’t I?!

Well, either way, I buy when something catches my eye.

To be frank, I think the times cry out for us to be savvy shoppers. Between the incessant amount of marketing we’re subject to as gamers (read: consumers) and the hype machine surrounding some games and the proliferation of games in general, watching for a good price on a good game is paramount. Would I like to be able to purchase every game new on release day? Absolutely. Unfortunately, I’m finding more and more that that is not a realistic goal.

I know, I know. I keep rounding this bend incessantly. No time and no money make me go something something.

In the last five days I’ve picked up three games: Farcry 4, Kingdom Hearts 2.5 and the Handsome collection. None of those games are going to be quick plays. But at the prices I got them? Steals. The whole lot of them. I felt a bit like that Ikea commercial the lady runs to her car.

This might actually be Hell. I feel a bit like Tantalus. Except that the controller is always just out of reach, but the deals on games just keep piling up in front of me. It’s a race against my credit card.

There is a silver lining here though. For a change, I’m not just airing a grievance with some aspect of the industry, or combating real life. The silver lining, as it were, is that I’m getting myself primed and pumped for some up-coming, and likely-to-be awesome titles. Like Kingdom Hearts 3!

I remember when I was still at university, and I was on my PS2 (dating myself again), I had gotten a game as a gift from my girlfriend at the time. Just to show you how long ago this was, EB Games was still a good company that was easy to deal with and really cared about making gamers happy. So, I’d gotten Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain 2. I was very excited, and I dove into it. Unfortunately, the copy I ended up with was a dud. After a week of playing it, I couldn’t progress past a certain part. So, we went back to EB to see what they’d be willing to do, and at the time (decent, but in the distant past) they had a promotion where you could buy a game, play it for two weeks, and trade it in for a new game of equal value. Take a second, I don’t want anyone falling off of their chairs on my account.

The whole point of the last paragraph: I took a chance on what could have been a potentially awful game. I mean, Disney + Final Fantasy = fun? I had a hard time buying into the concept. But the guy working there urged me to it. Plus, I had two weeks to change my mind. Anyway, I did it. And now it’s one of the most anticipated games of this generation for me.

Long story short: I bought a bunch of games, but now I get to do a whole KH marathon before the new one comes out. Nostalgia a plenty for this gamer.

I guess the long and the short of my single-malt diatribe is: Sometimes it’s worth taking a chance on a game, even if that means burying yourself under a whole mountain of un-played games. And frankly, if I can juggle keeping this blog up, real life and a job with my gaming, then you surely can do me one better.

– The Ego


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