So, speaking of remasters…

I know it’s not just me. I know it. There are a lot of remastered games coming out on this generation. And I mean a lot a lot.

In theory, it’s a great idea for the developers. A lot of them released their latest visions and masterpieces a little too close to the next-gen (ugh) switch. So, I can certainly understand why a lot of the companies are taking their games, which in all likelihood had to be paired down and stripped bear to make it on the PS3/Xbox 360 – I’m looking at your Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor, polishing them up and putting all the dressings back on the turkey and trying their hand at selling it again. It just makes sense.

My only issue is: It’s really bogging down the market, my backlog and kicking my wallet’s ass.

So yea, I’m another guilty-gamer. I’m one of the people funding these projects because I too want those games all new and shiny on my better console (PS4) and to play them with my sleek new controller. I have a hard time going back to my PS3 now. The 4K TV makes a difference in terms of how it looks, but can’t fix how it plays on a somewhat clumsy, in comparison, controller.

But then the difficult choices come up: Do I pre-order a game I already own on PS4 to play it with the DLC on a better looking console?

I’m artificially creating a large backlog for myself. I’ve beaten at least some of these games already. Hell, for games like Dishonored, I’ve not only beaten it – I’ve got the platinum trophy! That was a lot of work. Am I really gung-ho to go and down that all again? Are you? Somebody has to be doing it, otherwise they wouldn’t keep making them over and over.

The other question that I can’t seem to decide on is: What do I do with the PS3 versions? Do I sell them for 1/10 of what I paid for them and hope there are still a few gamers on the open market who haven’t made the jump yet? And in doing that, am I not doing what EB does that I revile so?

At least on the latter, I think I can sleep soundly. Yes, I’d be selling a used game. But, and I think the but here is crucial – and you can tell me if you disagree, at least if I sell my game at a true discount to another gamer looking to try a Dishonored or DMC: Devil May Cry, I could be whetting their appetites to actually purchase a PS4 and the remastered game. The silver lining then, is both that I get to introduce someone to a game they may not have ever played because the used prices are still ridiculous – it’s not acceptable to sell used games for 5$ less than new EB – and effectively secure future revenue for the devs because I got them hungry for a sequel.

So, all that being said, I don’t mind the remasters. There are going to be a few of those games I just can’t re-purchase. God of War 3, as an example. I’ve bought too many remasters of this series. And, though GoW 3 was the reason I bought a PS3 – I’ve re-bought too many God of War games as it is. And, well, Ascension left a bit of a bad taste in my mouth. But if Sony Santa Monica decides to pump out an original entry to the series, my 70$ will be laid squarely on the counter come day one. So, you know, hint hint SSM.

Like I said, remastered/remade games have their place. I sometimes get annoyed when people ask me for recommendations and the majority of the good games I try to steer them towards are games from the past, shined up all fancy-like and put back out to stud. Keep making them, but please, try and give us some original work soon. Please? Please?

– The Ego


3 thoughts on “So, speaking of remasters…

  1. Luckily — and this is from a primarily Xbox player — it seems like the remaster trend is going to be dying down here very soon. With Windows 10, Xbox users will just be able to play a huge chunk of their 360 libraries on their new hardware. While this isn’t necessarily comparable to the work behind a full remaster, it will likely dissuade a great deal of developers from bothering with the time and resources in the long run.

    Personally, I don’t mind the remasters. Some games just came out too damn late for me to justify purchasing last-gen — Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel being a prime example. The Handsome Collection is a hell of a bargain, including a couple of games with all DLC at the price of the last-gen version of the game only recently.

    A lot of people who own PS4s now also skipped the PS3 last generation, and they managed to miss out one of the greatest games of the last decade with The Last of Us. Thanks to remasters, they now have an outlet to play it, with sleeker and more enhanced visuals. I can’t really fault Naughty Dog for making the jump, especially with the lack of big exclusives for either console.

    If you’ve followed E3 this year, then you’ll know there is a lot to be excited about in the coming months. It’s finally what all of us new console owners have been waiting for — great new games.

  2. As for the last part, you can read some of the initial blogs I wrote and that’ll give you an idea of whether or not I followed the E word, and definitely how excited I am for the 2016 stuff that’s on it’s way.

    And, I do agree with you. I like the remasters. The conundrum comes about when people want a recommendation for something to play. And, again, I agree with you. A lot of people skipped PS3 or some games just came out too late to justify being picked up (Pre-Sequel is a great example, because I refused to buy it because I knew it’d come out on PS4/Xbone). The conundrum, like I said, is referrals. People come to me and say “There’s no reason for me to get a PS4/Xbone right now, there aren’t enough games for me to play”. At which point, I go through the running list of the AAA games that are available and a necessity to check out. The hard part is when I point stuff out, but they’ve already beaten it on PS3/360…

    Where I tend to disagree with you is that the backwards compatibility stands. I don’t think it’ll do much to dissuade devs from making more remasters. For the people, as you said, who missed or skipped games – they’re going to buy it all shiny and new for their new console. Even though I already own a lot of these games – Darksiders 2, Borderlands 2 and Dishonored (hell, I even dropped extra on the DLC) – but it still seems like a good idea to pick them up again.

    All I’m saying is I wish that more of those new franchises or sequels would be out sooner than later. It’d be nice to point at some good titles that aren’t remasters for a change. There just isn’t enough current gen stuff that is awesome that isn’t from 5 years ago. Save a couple of good titles. Especially when one of the leading “first party” titles is Knack…Bear in mind, when I say leading, I mean, chronologically speaking.

    Thanks for commenting and following the blog. I love the discourse and it’s nice to hear back from readers. If there’s an aspect I haven’t covered or you’d like me to cover, let me know.

    – The Ego

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