To buy or not to buy, aye, that’s the rub!

Man. I just don’t know sometimes.

Every day I’m surrounded by games that I desperately want to play. They call out to me. They haunt my dreams. In 1910 H.P Lovecraft thought the image of C’thulu was a maddening force and certain doom. In 2015 – it’s the PS4 aisle at the store where I work.

On the one hand – I love games. I’m super ambitious about picking up, playing the hell out of and then completing all of these amazing games.

On the other – I have to work for a living (mostly to pay for the games I want to play, the TV I play them on and my obscene action figure collection) and I’m married. So, you know, there are some expectations. Like, showing up for work and putting down the controller to help fold the laundry and, you know, stuff.

Not sure what to do these days. Aside from the simple fact that I can’t find enough hours in the day or enough money in the bank to pick up everything I’m missing, I just can’t get through my backlog.

I guess this is the part of the discussion where I have to admit I have a problem and potentially surrender myself to some sort of higher power. I won’t lie, I’ve done that already. But, for some reason neither Bane nor the dread-god C’thulu haven’t made any headway towards helping me.

But yea, I do have a problem. I’m an adult gamer with a (relatively) normal “addiction”. I want to take part in all the industry has to offer. Like I said in a previous post, I just want to be able to try as much as I can because there is so much on offer. Not unlike a buffet, I hit as many stations as possible, and then I end up bloated and sick. That was a bit of a laboured metaphor, but the point is there.

Where it really gets complicated: Games like Evolve. I played the beta (well, as much as I could on my PS4, which was frustrating at the best of times) and it really was awesome. Since then, I see it every day. I want it. Nay, need it. But when I think about adding another game to the pile, I get discouraged.

So I’ve come to three conclusions:

1. I need to build a Hyperbolic Time Chamber, grab my consoles and say goodbye to human contact for a year, and just bang out those games.

2. I need to resign myself to the fact that I just can’t pick up every game I want to play.

3. Well, three isn’t a pretty picture…

When it comes to single player experiences, it’s not as dramatic a problem as I make it out to be. I just need to relegate myself to the idea of having to wait a while, picking it up on sale, and then working my way through the list a bit at a time. It’s the multi-player games that make it tough though.

Games like Evolve, who knows how long the community is going to be around for it? It seems to be front-loaded with a pile of micro-transactions, which pisses off a lot of gamers (myself included) so that trend tends to alienate a pretty big segment of the gaming world. So, if that is the case, and people are trending towards avoiding the game – if I wait too long, I might miss out on the chance to take part in what could otherwise be an amazing game. Now, I know you’re reading and thinking “Well, it didn’t review all that well anyway”. This is just an example. In the past, games like Rage and Bulletstorm, which were a ton of fun to play solo, had the multiplayer attached, but by the time I got onto them, it had all but dried up. Something I do try to avoid.

But, what is one to do? One can only do so much. I’ll figure something out. Probably.

– The Ego


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