No news is…?

What is everyone going to talk about now that E3 is over? So, the E word is officially on the banned list going forward. At least here. Sound good? Good.

I think this being a new blog, means that we need to establish a foundation. Generally, I suppose, that’s something most establish from say, the first post. Well, if I went with the rest of the herd, I suppose you wouldn’t be reading this.

So, let’s get started with something I want to address:

I’m not sure what it is that gamers expect these days. I look at comments on popular review sites, I talk to them all day whilst selling and I associate with them in my free time. Here’s what I know:

We’re spoiled.

That’s an inexorable truth. We’ve gotten to the point, with access to Steam, digital downloads on consoles and hoards of better and better looking (and playing) games. We have too much choice and it’s far too accessible. It’s giving the group, as a whole, an undeserved sense of entitlement. When I hear people saying things like “there aren’t any good games” I die a little inside every time.

No good games? Philistines. When I look at where I started, 8-bit systems and games so ridiculously hard (I’m looking at you original TMNT NES game) that were unplayable or unbeatable (you try swimming and defusing those bombs. YOU DO IT!) and where we’re at now – we may as well have all been standing around the first campfire in amazement of this elemental force we’ve harnessed. Because, let’s face it, so far as the gaming industry is concerned (with my analogy anyway) we’re colonizing other galaxies.

A good example: the remade Splatterhouse game on the last-gen. Having never played the original (as a staunch Nintendo supporter in my younger years) on Sega, I had to check it out.

This is the game I would have made at age thirteen.

I bought it for pretty cheap, which was even more enticing, and I played it. For those who consider themselves “too mature” or whatever excuse you had for passing this over, it’s effectively a game where the collectibles are nude pictures of your girlfriend and you can use your own severed limb to beat enemies to a pulp  – all the while spouting off some rich, rich 90’s cartoon dialogue, you know, for grown ups. For various reasons, IGN gave this game a 4. I mean, how bad does a game have to be to get a rating under a 5? Though, considering the source, a site that thinks a slightly up-scaled Mario game is a 10, maybe a 4 is a good thing. Now I know that sites like IGN aren’t necessarily the voice of the entire gaming community, but it’s easily the most recognisable site, and probably one with the highest traffic, and one many use for the entirety of what’s going on and good in the game-world.

I feel as if we’ve gotten so far away from what made videogames great. Experimentation. That’s why I love services like PS +. If it wasn’t for that, I wouldn’t have tried stuff like Valiant Hearts. We all play it too safe. And I’m including myself in this lot. The gamer I was 10-12 years ago, is not the same gamer I am now. The current me, he’d never take a risk on something like Kingdom Hearts. But when it came out on PS2, I was looking at it, thinking – this could either be great, or the worst game ever. Now, I probably would have written it off. But it would have been my loss. Games like Kingdom Hearts are what make new franchises we wouldn’t have tried otherwise, so successful.

When you go to your local purveyor of visual entertainment: Look for something you wouldn’t normally buy. You’re going to find a lot of turds in the basket, but with any luck, you’re going to find that franchise that re-awakens that inner gamer, and let it out.

– The Ego


3 thoughts on “No news is…?

  1. Gotta agree with you, there. I’m pretty sure every gamer’s middle name is “Spoiled” at this rate – myself undoubtedly included.

    And you’re right about the whole “experimentation” thing – it’s all made by-the-book nowadays. I bought De Blob 2 on a whim a long time ago, and that turned out to be one of my most favourite games of all time, ever.

    • I’m definitely guilty of it as well. I do occasionally talk myself out of picking up a game if I see that the review isn’t great. Though, to an extent, it’s understandable. With the increasing cost of being an avid, dare I say – hardcore gamer, you have to pick and choose. The experimentation can still happen, it just needs to revolve around sales.

      Thanks for liking my blog and commenting. I’ll be honest, I started this on a whim and I’m not sure how one increases viewership, but I will be posting on a daily basis for the foreseeable.

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