E3 Post-game (And finale E3 game post)

Ok. Wrapping it all up. Here’s the things I’ve taken away from this week’s roller coaster:

1. Sometimes they listen. As much as I hate on Xbone to some of the fanboys I work with, Microsoft showed the world that they’re still a force to contend with. Upping the stakes with backwards compatibility, even if it’s in the long-game, is a huge coup for them. Selling games for a living – you meet all types of gamers. But one thing I hear consistently is disappointment in the inability to go back and play their favourites. With TV tech getting more and more expensive, and finding that the TVs in most price-ranges lack enough HDMI ports to make being a multi-platform gamer that much harder – telling people they need to keep the old systems if they ever want to take a trip through the past greats – is a big deal. So, +1 to Microsoft. Sony says they have no plans to add BC, but I think they’ll change their tune in time. Or meet with peril. It’s not good enough to make the best or be the best – you have to fight to stay the best.

2. Down /= beaten. Ubisoft – what a company. Having one of their prominent studios in the place I call home, has been a bit of an underdog of late. They have promised some lofty promises. They should have taken a note on how to be a Johnny Don’t by Peter Molyneux. Hyping up things they couldn’t deliver on has been their business strategy for the last few years. I’ll admit – they made a pretty awesome game with AC: Black Flag. But AC 3, and Unity (to some extent) have not quite been up to par. Releasing broken games that need months to fix and making claims and then turning out stripped down versions of what was on offer – tsk tsk tsk Ubisoft. But, credit where its due – they brought down the boom at E3. I know some of those amazing releases aren’t due out for some time, but it’s a standard I could learn to love. Just don’t futz it up guys.

3. Just when I thought I was out, they pulled me back in. I hadn’t even thought about Fallout in some time. Like (everyone) else, I got excited when the hoax site went up. And I crashed hard when they pulled the rug out. Good on whoever masterminded that. Todd Howard. Oh man. I wish I could turn the letters in his name into little hearts. Watching him strut and talk about Fallout is what it must have been like to see Da Vinci put brush to canvas. Look at this cocky bastard… I love it.

4. I need to reign in my expectations. Yes, I expected stuff that didn’t happen. And, I’ve probably turned on myself and have hyped up some of the releases for 2015 and 2016 far more than I should have. But man, when I see how exciting the foreseeable is – I can’t help myself. It’s the intellectual equivalent of drinking about 60 espressos and then going for a run. By the time I realise I’m doing something stupid – I’m already back in Greenbow (yes, I’m dating myself).

5. Sometimes gameplay is enough. I never thought I’d admit that to myself. I’m such a staunch supporter of the epic writing and flawless story telling I’ve subjected myself to over the years. But this year, I think I’m going to have to make an exception. Doom, Anno 2205, Ghost Recon: Wildlands, The Division and No Man’s Sky – man do they excite me. I don’t think there will be enough story between the five of those games to light a campfire, but I’ll be damned if they don’t end up on my credit card. The sheer volume of things to do (and that’s not saying the quality isn’t there) is enough to make anyone swoon. Just so you know: when you land on my planet in No Man’s Sky, you’re going to have to take off your shoes.

– The Ego


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