E3 – The Missing

I’m sure everyone has at least a few games that they were excited for that didn’t make it to E3 this year.

The two biggest no-shows in my book:

Borderlands 3

Reggie gave some pretty lame-duck answers as to why Zelda didn’t make it. You can read it on IGN if you want to take it in in all of its splendor. I don’t need to go on another anti-Nintendo rant, but yea, I think everyone was expecting it to make an appearance. At the end of the day, Zelda is that last bastion of greatness on an otherwise dim horizon. Frankly, it’s not even the sort of thing that shouldn’t be expected. Other companies, Ubisoft for example, has been kind of a let down in the last few years. With the diminished quality of games like Watch Dogs, and broken/day 1 patch games like Unity – I didn’t expect them to come to the show and bring their A game. But they did. They did.

All Nintendo had to do, to bring it at E3, is: Show. Us. Zelda. And then giving awful answers like “we don’t like to show games we consider to be a long-term project” – Why did you name drop the new console then?

I digress.

Borderlands. Man I was hoping they’d drop something. A trailer. A snippet. A big, black screen that only says “Borderlands 3”. Just an inkling that it’s in progress. I don’t know how long I can go on with this game just being a twinkling in somebody’s eye. I’m glad they showed more about Battleborn. It looks incredible. I’m happy. Its pre-ordered. But it wasn’t the game I was hoping for. I know that Gearbox had said that the next game would be made for next-gen. I guess we’ll have to wait. I don’t even mind waiting. It was just something I expected and was let down about.

But don’t worry, Gearbox. When you’re ready, I’ll have my pre-order dollars for you too. Shhhhh. Don’t speak. We’re all good.

And like I’ve said in the last few posts, there were so many unexpected, phenomenal games previewed that not seeing the two games I was looking forward to most (caveat: after Fallout 4), it barely even phased me. This has been one of the most successful E3’s I’ve borne witness to.

At the end of the day, even if they released Borderlands 3 tomorrow – I wouldn’t even have time to play it. Adulthood. Yay. I keep waiting for it to slow down so I can get off the ride and go play some games, but it just keeps spinning faster. Maybe if I puke on the operator? Now I’ve gone and confused my own metaphor.

TL;DR – No Zelda and no Borderlands makes The Ego go something…something.

– The Ego


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